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About Centre


    • 2007. 2

      Integration of 4 Centres into OECD Seoul Centre

    • 2008. 6

      Conclusion of MOU to establish OECD KOREA Policy Centre

    • 2008. 7

      Official launch of OECD KOREA Policy Centre


  • The OECD KOREA Policy Centre has been seeking ways to share information on advanced policies and experience with policy leaders including middle to high ranking public officials in the AsiaPacific region.

  • In part of this, the Centre has been carrying out OECD meetings and seminars as well as consultancies on various issues in cooperation with the OECD. In this context, the Centre will put all efforts and skills available in order to develop and improve international networks for expansion of mutual cooperation between OECD member and non-member economies


  • 2019

    30 events inviting more than 1,600 public officials and relevant experts

    • Tax Programme: 9 events for 350 tax officials
    • Competition Programme: 6 events for 241 competition officials and judges
    • Public Governance Programme: 7 events for 757 public officials
    • ‌ ‌ Health and Social Policy Programme: 5 events for 231 officials and experts

    Publication of research paper

    • Tax Programme disseminated tax information systems of Korea, such as hometax, cash receipt system, and electronic tax invoice, and shared its implementation experiences
    • Competition Programme provided a hub for competition officials from AsiaPacific countries to exchange experiences and enhance their capacities in competition law and policy
    • ‌‌Public Governance Programme shared OECD member countries’ exemplary public sector innovation practices with regional partners.
    • Health and Social Policy Programme conducted international training programmes and co-organised international conferences on health and public welfare with various institutes to strengthen the policy network.
  • 2020

    Development of more diversified and specialised programmes

    • Tax Programme will provide capacity building programmes on the recent issues in the international taxation field along with regular OECD tax seminars and cooperation programmes.
    • Competition Programme will hold workshops and seminars cooperating with competition authorities in the region to develop and implement effective competition law and policy
    • Public Governance Programme will host Asian Public Governance Forums on the themes of open government, public integrity and risk management.
    • Health and Social Policy Programme will host expert meetings on health accounts, pharmaceutical policy, health care quality improvement, social policy, family policy, and pension policy

    Research activities

    • OECD blended/e-learning programme to provide in-depth case studies for participants
    • 「Competition Law in Asia-Pacific: A Guide to Selected Jurisdictions」 and 「Asia-Pacific Competition Update」
    • Publication of OECD reports into Korean language to promote OECD policy recommendations
    • Construction of family database, research on health accounts and pharmaceutical policy in the Asia-Pacific region

    Network building and information sharing

    • Cooperation with international, regional and local organisation and related agencies as well as government, competent authorities and other stakeholders
    • ‌‌ ‌ Social media use to enhance expert networking and share relevant documents
    • Pursuing partnerships for comprehensive cooperation in public governance with government ministries and public institutions
    • ‌‌ ‌ Expanding cooperation with international organisations such as ADB, ILO, WHO/WPRO, SEARO, and UNESCAP