Bilateral Projects

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Subject MoU with the National Academy of Public Administration of Vietnam
Category Bilateral Projects Head Office Public Governance Programme Post
Name 본부관리자 Hit 401 Create Date 2021-10-16
Date 2021-08-31 ~ 2021-08-31 Location Online

The Public Governance Programme and the NAPA (National Academy of Public Administration) of Vietnam have signed an MoU on August 31. The MoU signed between the KPC Executive Secretary, Hong-Tack Chun, and the NAPA President Dang Xuan Hoan, aims to enhance the capacities of Vietnamese government officials with KPC's APG Forum, Capacity Building Programme and co-research.

The first cooperation between the two organizations dated back in 2019, when the KPC hosted APG Forum and CBP in Hanoi, Vietnam. The Public Governance Programme will host two Capacity Building Programmes for the NAPA officials, which are scheduled in September and November 2021.

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