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Subject 7th OECD/KPC Competition Workshop for Asia-Pacific Judges
Category Workshop Head Office Competition Programme Post
Name 경쟁정책본부 Hit 403 Create Date 2017-07-13
Date 2017-04-05 ~ 2017-07-07 Location Dusit Thani Hotel, Manila, Philippines


In April 2017, the OECD/KPC held in Manila (the Philippines) a workshop for judges dedicated to understanding the economic principles underlying competition cases, the methods used byeconomists and their application in cases before the courts.This event was organised in close contact with the ASEAN secretariat and as a contribution to one of the goals of the ASEANCompetition Action Plan 2016-2025, and was co-sponsored with GIZ. All of ASEAN Member States were present as well as judges from Hong Kong and Pakistan. 


The goals of the Workshop were to engage in a discussion amongst judges in the Asia - Pacific region and beyond as well as between judges and the experienced economists to allow judges to become more familiar with economic concepts and theories as well as to be more confident when presented with economic based arguments in the context of competition cases.

The panel of speakers in this event included judges from OECD member countries, a senior référendaire (law clerk) from the EU and two experienced economists. The panel was composed of Justice Alan Robertson, of the Federal Court of Australia, Mr. Donghwan Shon, Presiding Judge at the Uiejongbu District Court of Korea and Mr. Vivien Terrien (référendaire for Marc Jaeger,President of the General Court of the European Union). The two economists were Mr. Miguel de la Mano, former Deputy Chief Economist at the European Commission and now at Compass Lexicon, and Ms. Rhonda Smith, former Lay member of the High Court of New Zealand. These two well-known economists have ample familiarity with presenting and/or dealing with economic evidence in the context of court proceedings.